Who you select to represent you in a court of law has a direct impact on the outcome of your case.

Ward & Associates provides aggressive criminal defense and has earned a reputation throughout Missouri for our knowledgeable and effective DUI/DWI defense.

  • 2015 Lawyer of the Year in St. Louis in the area of DWI/DUI defense

  • Who you select to represent you in a court of law has a direct impact on the outcome of your case.

  • Put our experienced team of St. Louis criminal defense attorneys on your side.

  • Ward & Associates aggressively and skillfully fight to achieve the best possible results.

St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyers

We handle your case from start to finish, including taking it to trial, if need be, to fight for the best possible outcome for you. We’re not forced to accept a prosecutor’s recommendation. We’re ready, willing, and able to take your case as far you need and want us to take it to protect your interests.

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Missouri DUI/DWI Defense

Conviction for a DWI has serious consequences, especially if the incident involved injury to people, or if you have two or more subsequent DWIs. To avoid or reduce the consequences, it is important to retain the legal services of the most experienced DWI defense attorneys who are knowledgeable about Missouri laws. We represent clients throughout Missouri, and have handled DWI cases in more than eight (80) counties.

Please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We will review the facts of your case and provide you with an honest assessment of what you might expect in terms of a possible outcome.

Missouri DWI Defense

St. Louis Criminal Defense

An experienced and effective St. Louis criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges. At the law firm of Ward & Associates in St. Louis, Missouri, we are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused.

We provide effective defense and appellate representation for residents throughout Missouri who face criminal charges. Whether it is a simple traffic ticket, a serious felony charge or nearly anything in between, we bring the same comprehensive approach to every case we handle.

St. Louis Criminal Defense

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