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Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys

Too many criminal defense lawyers believe that the best defense is a good plea agreement. At Ward & Childress in St. Louis, Missouri, we buck that trend.

We approach each case with the mindset of seeking a dismissal or an acquittal. We don’t relinquish that objective easily, but in cases where it cannot be achieved, we pursue reduced charges and minimum penalties. We do not recommend that our clients accept prosecutors’ recommendations in criminal defense cases if they are not in our clients’ best interest.

When you hire Ward & Childress to represent you, you get the services of an entire team of legal professionals. A minimum of two attorneys and two paralegals work directly on every case. We believe this team approach allows us to obtain better results and provides a more satisfying experience for our clients.

Put Tenacious Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys On Your Side

We have a long and strong track record of defending individuals against a wide spectrum of criminal charges, from drunk driving to drug crimes.

If you have questions for St. Louis criminal defense attorneys who will stand up for you in instances when other lawyers would not, call 314-394-2150 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation.