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St. Louis, Missouri Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

Jail time. Substantial fines. An unwelcome blemish on your driving record. Damage to your reputation and job prospects. Dependence on public transportation. The stigma and shame that accompanies a DWI arrest.

These are the potential consequences of being stopped, tried and convicted for drunk driving, or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated – often mistakenly referred to as “DUI,” or “Driving Under the Influence”), in Missouri. They are punishments you want to avoid at all costs.

We can help you — just as we have helped so many other DWI defendants over the years. We are Ward & Associates, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Contact us <>  by toll-free phone call from wherever you are in greater St. Louis or elsewhere in Missouri. Reach us at 314-394-2150  to arrange a free consultation.

Our St. Louis DWI Attorneys Work Hard to Restore Your Driving Privileges

We explore every possible avenue to improve your legal position in drunk driving cases. We always look carefully at countless factors, such as:

For those motorists with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), we know how important your driving privileges are to you. Your license is your livelihood — your means of providing for your family. Our law firm mounts a team effort on your behalf, to safeguard your CDL status.

We extend our quality representation from the St. Louis area to Columbia and Springfield college students whose parents are located outside the state. Your DWI case will receive our full attention, so your family will not have to travel to be with you.

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, you can count on Ward & Associates to strive to provide the quality DWI defense representation you need.

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Our St. Louis DWI attorneys can be contacted, day or night, if you have been arrested for drunk driving in Missouri, whether leaving a bar downtown, on your college campus, or even in your own driveway. Call toll free 314-394-2150.